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These tips will help you maintain your garage door in perfect condition and prevent accidents

  • Check the spring if you hear a loud bang coming from the garage.

    This is the most notable symptom for a broken garage door spring, according to our experts in Deerfield. The noise results from the release of force stored in the spring. When you go to the garage, you simply need to take a look at the component. If it is snapped in two, then it has to be replaced as quickly as possible.

  • Test your overhead opener sensors properly

    It's wise to test the garage door opener sensors often but the experts of our company in Deerfield say that you must do it right. Put an object under the closing door but make sure to choose a small object to ensure the efficiency of sensors.

  • Regularly inspect the wood panels for rotting

    It is easy to spot rotting, say our experts in Deerfield. The affected areas are darker and the paint, if any, has cracked and peeled. When you scrape the rotten part gently, it will produce splinters. Once the problem has been identified, repair must be provided right away.

  • Perform regular door balance test

    You need to switch off the opener and lift the door half way to the top. If it moves up or down automatically, then balancing of the torsion spring will be required. The spring has to be tightened or loosened so that it functions properly.

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