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The Differences Between the Three Most Common Garage Door Panel Materials

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The Differences Between the Three Most Common Garage Door Panel Materials

Three Most Common Garage Door Panel Materials | Garage Door Repair Deerfield, IL

Your garage door panels can be made of a variety of materials, each with its own benefits and disadvantages. Three types of materials have become quite common, though, and we wanted to take the time to help you learn more about each one.

  1. The Allure and Handicap of Wood

    There's something about wood; maybe it's the homey vibe that represents craftsmanship of nature; maybe it's the serene quality that associates the smoothed varnished look with an idea of honest simplicity; or maybe it's just pretty to look at… whatever the reason, we can all agree that wooden doors have their appeal, and if your garage door panels will be made of this material, your home is bound to "pop" from amongst the lackluster counterparts your neighbors are boasting. However, wood being what it is – a porous and fibrous organic material – its longevity is sure to be tested. Wooden garage door panels require extra maintenance work, such as regular repainting, in order to be sustainable. They are less resistant to the elements, and are far more susceptible to wear and tear damages.
  2. The Riddle of Steel

    As any Cimmerian barbarian undoubtedly knows, steel is a precious gift. It's highly durable, extremely strong, and effortlessly reliable. If your home is your "castle", than a garage door that's as sturdy and secure as an armor-plated horse is definitely what you'll want to go for. It isn't without its flaws, however, and while it doesn't require as much maintenance as wood does, it will require some minimal care. Rust is a plague to this type of material, and while certain types of special coating can allow your door panels to resist this nuisance, you'll have to actively make sure your door hasn't succumbed to its clutches. Similar to wood, steel is also quite heavy, and will require a powerful opener to be lifted and lowered safely.
  3. The Compromise of Aluminum

    Door panels that are made of this type of material will require very little maintenance, as they won't rust, and won't suffer from changes in outdoor climate. They'll also be very light, and won't require as much horsepower in order to be operated. However, they are far from sturdy, and will easily bend and damage by impacts. That means their longevity won't be all.

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