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Automatic door systems are incredibly complex, so when something goes wrong with them, there is a certain expertise that's required in order to deal with the problem safely and effectively. Our company specializes in taking care of such issues, and we provide local homeowners with a wide range of different services.

Motor Gears and Circuit Boards

The opener of your automatic garage door is essentially the system's "engine". Therefore, it is a crucial part, and when it suffers a malfunction it needs to be tended to by professional technicians. Two of the most common issues are a worn-out motor gear, or a fried circuit board. We have the knowledge and the skills to replace the damaged components for you and restore your system's operation in no time.

Replacing Every Type of Broken Springs

It does not matter to us if your door system uses extension or torsion springs in order to move smoothly. We have a lot of experience dealing with both of these types, and can perform any required spring replacement without compromising your safety. Since these components are under a great deal of tension on a regular basis, you should never try to repair or adjust them by yourself.

Upkeep is The Secret to Longevity

Just like every other complex piece of machinery, your automatic garage door and its various parts need to be routinely inspected and adjusted or realigned in order to remain optimal. With the regular maintenance services we offer, we can ensure that you make the most out of your system, and that it truly lives up to its full potential.

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It doesn't matter when or why the problem occurred, what matters is that your home remains safe and secure. That's why you should contact our experts at Garage Door Repair Deerfield whenever you encounter a problem. We'll make sure everything is fixed without dely.

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